XXe Colloque de L’Académie Internationale d’Héraldique

Les grands ordres de chevalerie et leurs traditions héraldiques

XX Colloquium of the International Academy of Heraldry

The great orders of chivalry and their heraldic traditions

Christian VIII's Palace, Amalienborg, Copenhagen, 10.-13. November 2017

Patron: H.R.H. Prince Joachim of Denmark, Chancellor of the Danish Royal Orders

The “Knights’ Hall”, Rosenborg Castle.

The XX Colloquium of A.I.H. will take place  in Copenhagen at Christian VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg, with the theme “The Great Orders of Chivalry and their Heraldic Traditions”, and under the patronage of H.R.H. Prince Joachim of Denmark, Chancellor of the Danish Royal Orders.  The dates are 10.–13. November 2017, including an excursion on the 13.

Paper proposals, including abstracts of max. 100 words, may be sent to the organizers until 1. June 2017.  Paper presentations should be restricted to 30 minutes in length to allow for questions and must be given in English, French or German. It is required that papers are illustrated with a PowerPoint demonstration and that the manuscripts will be submitted to the organizers (kurrild-klitgaard@heraldik.org) for publication in the colloquium proceedings. Please note that many papers have already been accepted.

Participation costs 150 Euro; accompanying persons are free of charge but will not be able to participate in the colloquium itself unless they register for participation and pay the full fee. The colloquium dinner costs 75 Euro for each person.  Deadline for registration as participant(s) is 1. September.

As part of the colloquium a private tour of Rosenborg Castle, including the Crown Jewels/Regalia and Royal Orders and a special exhibition of robes of the Danish Royal Orders will be arranged for the opening afternoon (the 10th), including a reception at the “Knights’ Hall” at Rosenborg Castle.


Excursion to Frederiksborg Castle

On Monday 13. November there will be an excursion to the Chapel of the Danish Royal Orders at Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød, including a tour of the castle.

The Chapel of the Danish Royal Orders at Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød, featuring armorial “stall plates” of  the Knights of the Order of the Elephant and the Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog.

A more than 300 years old – and still living – tradition of displaying the armorial plates of Knights of the Order of the Elephant and Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog in the Chapel of the Royal Orders has resulted in an impressive collection of heraldry.

An introduction to the chapel and the armorial plates will be given by Ronny Andersen (Royal Herald Painter).

Participation in the excursion (including bus and lunch) will cost 50 Euro for each person (and is not included in the colloquium participation fee).



To register for participation, please go here.

Payment on 1. September, 2017 at the latest via Paypal: pay@heraldik.org or through bank transfer:

  • Dansk Heraldisk Selskab – Tesdorpfsvej 59, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark.
  • Account no: 1551-3719354025 (for people with a Danish bank account)
  • For payments from outside Denmark:  BIC: DABADKKK ; IBAN: DK5930003719354025

Armorial “stall plate” at Frederiksborg Castle with coat-of-arms for H.R.H. Princess Marie of Denmark (née Cavallier), as member of the Order of the Elephant.

Among the confirmed speakers/topics are (per March 2017):

  • Ronny Andersen: “The Danish Royal Orders of the Elephant and the Dannebrog: Their Armorials and Traditions”
  • Richard Baker: “The Chivalric Stall Plates in London: The Or­der of the Bath, The Order of the British Empire, The Order of St. Michael & St. George, The Royal Victorian Or­der and the Knights Bachelor”
  • Tom Bergroth: “The Iconography of the Chivalric Stall Plates in Stockholm: The Order of the Seraphim and The Order of Charles XIII”
  • Claire Boudreau/Robert D. Watt: “Les Ordres Na­tionaux et Provinciaux du Canada et leurs Traditions Héraldiques / The National and Provincial Orders of Ca­nada and their Re­lation to Heraldry”
  • D’Arcy Boulton: “The Eldest Combinations of Heraldic Shields and Chi­valric Badges, Espe­cially Orders of Knighthood from the 14th and 15th Centuries”
  • Charles Burnett: “The He­raldic Practices of the Ve­nerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem”
  • Laura Cirri: “The Holy and Military Order of Saint Stephen in the time of the Medici”
  • Patric Dickinson: “The Stall Plates, Banners and Crests of the Companions of the Order of the Garter in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor”
  • Sonja Dünnebeil: Die Wappentafeln der Ritter des Or­dens vom Goldenen Vlies: Bedeutung und Bestandsaufnahme”
  • Paul A. Fox: “Coats of arms of Knights of The Or­der of Malta in Rome and Malta”
  • Michael Göbl: Die Ritterwappen in der Wiener Deutschordenskirche
  • Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard: “The Heraldic Traditions of the Knights of the Or­der of St. John (Balley Brandenburg) and the Church of the Order in Sonnenburg”
  • Rolf Kälin: Die Wappen der Damen und Ritter der Schweizerischen Statt­halterei des Ritterordens vom Heiligen Grab zu Jerusalem im Chor­herrenstift Beromünster
  • Michel Popoff: “‘L’ordre et Aimable Compagnie de Monsieur Saint Michel’: Gran­deur, Décadence et Résurrection d’un Ordre Royal Créé dans la Tourmente
  • Elizabeth Roads: “The He­raldic Traditions of the Order of the Thistle and its Chapel”
  • Peter Rätzel: Die Ritterwappen in der Kapelle des Schwanenordens in der St. Gumbertskirche in Ansbach
  • Georg Schei­belreiter: Wappen mit dem Dra­chen­orden und mit dem Zopforden
  • Rolf Sutter: Der Königlich Bayerische Haus­ritterorden vom Heiligen Georg und seine ordensritterliche Heraldik + Pier Felice degli Uberti: The Shields of the Knights of The Con­stantinian Order of St. George (‘Sacro Angelico Imperiale Ordine Costantiniano di S. Giorgio’) in the Basilica di Santa Maria della Steccata in Parma”.

Prelimary programme (updated programme will be provided at a later date)


Friday the 10th of November 2017

10.00             Formal opening at Christian VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg [participants should be seated at 09.45.]

10.20            Lectures 1-2

11.40             Lunch break

13.10             Lectures 3-4

14.30             Coffee

14.50             Lecture 5

15.30             End; departure for Rosenborg Castle (by foot or car)

16.00-18.00   Private visit for colloquium participants to Rosenborg Castle:

  • Reception at the “Knights’ Hall” and special exhibition of knightly robes of the Danish Royal Orders
  • Welcome / Jørgen Selmer, Director, The Danish Royal Collections
  • Tour, including Crown Jewels and Royal Orders / Curator Peter Kristiansen, The Danish Royal Collections 

Saturday the 11th of November 2017

09.00             Lectures 6-7

10.20             Coffee

10.40             Lectures 8-9

12.00             Lunch break

13.30             Lectures 10-11

14.50             Coffee

15.10             Lectures 12-13

16.30             End

19.30             Dinner


Sunday the 12th of November 2017

09.00             Lectures 14-15

10.20             Coffee

10.40             Lectures 16-17

12.00             Lunch break

13.30             Lectures 18-19

14.50             Formal closing

15.00-16.00   General Assembly, Académie Internationale d’Héraldique (The International Academy of Heraldry)


Monday the 13th of November 2017

09.00             Departure by bus from Det Gule Palæ (Amalienborg), Amaliegade 18, Copenhagen, for Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød

10.00             Welcome & introduction / Director Mette Skougaard, Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle

  • Tour of the Chapel of the Danish Royal Orders / Royal Herald Painter Ronny Andersen, Chapter of the Royal Orders
  • Tour (unguided) of Frederiksborg Castle

13.00             Lunch at ”Spisestedet Leonora” 

15.00             Departure from Frederiksborg Castle by bus

16.00             Arrival, Det Gule Palæ (Amalienborg), Amaliegade 18, Copenhagen


I am not a robot:


Some selected/recommended restaurants in the vicinity of Amalienborg

The neighbourhood surrounding Amalienborg—called “Frederiksstaden” [Frederik’s City]—was primarily built from the late-17th to 19th centuries and is probably the most exclusive in Copenhagen.  This is reflected in both quality and prices.   The following is a short, selected guide of restaurants within walking distance.  Reservations are highly recommended.

Restaurant name Type of food Price Address Opening hours/days Meters from Amalienborg
Restaurant Amalie *** Traditional Danish (lunch) £££ Amaliegade 11, 1256 Copenhagen K 11.30-16.00 (but closed Sun.) 170
Mormors * Sandwiches (lunch) £ Bredgade 45, 1260 Copenhagen K 10.00-17.00 225
Café Oscar * Café food (pastas, homemade burgers, etc.) ££ Bredgade 58, 1260 Copenhagen K 10.00-22.00 250
Le Sommelier **** Classic French £££ Bredgade 63, 1260 Copenhagen K 12.00-14.00 (but closed Sat./Sun.); 18.00-22.00 350
Salt **** Modern French (lunch; dinner) £££££ Hotel Admiral, Toldbodgade 24-28, 1253 Copenhagen K 12.00-16.00 / 17.00-22.30 350
Restaurant Sankt Annæ *** Traditional Danish (lunch) £££ Sankt Annæ Plads 12, 1250 Copenhagen K 11.00-14.00 (but closed Sun.) 350
Restaurant Ida Davidsen *** Modern interpretations of traditional Danish “smørrebrød” (lunch) £££ 10.30-17.00 (but closed Sat.-Sun.) 450
Café Petersborg *** Traditional Danish (lunch; dinner) £££ Bredgade 76, 1260 Copenhagen K 11.45-16.00; 17.00-21.00 (but closed Sun.) 500
M.A.S.H. **** Steaks (lunch; dinner) ££££ Bredgade 20, 1260 Copenhagen K 12.00-15.00 (but closed Sat./Sun.)/ 17.30-23.00 550
Lumskebugten *** Traditional Danish (lunch; dinner) £££ Esplanaden 21, 1263 Copenhagen K 11.30 -15.00 / 18.00-21.30 (but closed Sun.) 600
Hereford Steakhouse ** Steaks (lunch; dinner) £££ Store Kongensgade 38, 1264 Copenhagen K 12.00-23.00 600
Orangeriet *** French/interna­tional or tra­ditional Danish “smørrebrød” £££ Kronprinsessegade  13, 1306 Copenhagen K 11.30-15.00 but 12.00-16.00 Sun. /18.00-22.00 (Wed.-Sat.) 900
Pastis *** French bistro (lunch; dinner) £££ Gothersgade 52, 1123 Copenhagen K 11.30-15.00 / 17.30-22.30 1.000

There are many more restaurants within walking distance.  More affordable restaurants may be found further away.

As a rule of thumb tourists should be aware that restaurants on the main pedestrian street of Copenhagen (“Strøget”) or on “Sunny Side” of the old harbor, “Nyhavn”, tend to be geared much towards tourists.

Hotel name Price Address Meters from Amalienborg
Hotel Admiral **** ££££ Toldbodgade 24-28, DK-1253 Copenhagen K 400
Hotel Phoenix **** ££££ Bredgade 37, DK-1260 Copenhagen K 400
Hotel Front Scandic **** ££££ Sankt Annæ Plads 21, DK-1250 Copenhagen K 450
Hotel Skt. Annæ **** ££££ Sankt Annæ Plads 18-20, DK-1250 Copenhagen K 500
Hotel Guldsmeden Babette *** £££ Bredgade 78, DK-1260 Copenhagen K 500
Hotel Christian IV *** £££ Dronningens Tværgade 45, DK-1302 Copenhagen K 800
Hotel Wake-up ** ££ Borgergade 9, DK-1300 Copenhagen K 850
Hotel D’Angle­terre ***** £££££ Kongens Nytorv 34, DK-1050 Copenhagen K 900

Copenhagen has many hotels—but they also tend to be relatively expensive.  The hotels centrally located in the inner city are among the most expensive.  More affordable accommodations may be found, e.g., in the areas near the central station.

Previous AIH Colloquia:

Organizational websites:

Colloquium sites in Copenhagen:

  • Amalienborg (Royal residence, venue of the colloquium itself)
  • Rosenborg Castle (Royal collections, venue of reception and exhibition)
  • Frederiksborg Castle (Museum of National History, including Chapel of Royal Orders, venue of excursion)


Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard, AIH (President, Danish Heraldry Society & Scandinavian Heraldry Society)
  • Ronny Andersen, AIH, Royal Herald Painter, Archivist & Heraldic Consultant
  • Nils G. Bartholdy, AIH, fmr. Archivist & Heraldic Consultant

assisted by:

  • Niels Arne Dam, Ph.D. (Treasurer, Danish Heraldry Society & Scandinavian Heraldry Society)
  • Peter Kristiansen, Curator (The Danish Royal Collections/Rosenborg Castle)