Heraldisk Tidsskrift

Bind 12, nr. 111, marts 2015, s. 1–31


Huvudbaner och anvapen i Finland

Carl-Thomas von Christierson


Title: Funeral Escutcheons in Finland.

Abstract: The article is an introduction to funeral escutcheons in Finland with an overview of use, style and
artistic development of these funeral artefacts during the 17th and 18th centuries. As a special case the artistic
development is illustrated with an examination of the seven funeral escutcheons in the churches of Pojo, Tenala
and originally Pargas, all commemorating members of the Giös family. The development towards bigger, more
elaborated and complicated design together with the adding of ancestral arms is in this case seen as a demonstration
of growing self confidence connected to higher social status.

In describing the funeral escutcheons with ancestral arms in the churches of Ulvsby, Halikko, Sagu, Mörskom
and Pytis the article discusses problems in lack of correspondence between the displayed ancestral arms and the
known genealogy of the families, revealing both contemporary uncertainty and false solutions in displaying ancestry.

Finally it can be ascertained that at least two more funeral escutcheons with ancestral arms have existed, one
in Sjundby church after Ernst Johan Creutz and one in Virmo after Henrik Fleming, the only example in Finland
with ancestral arms painted on flags.

Keywords: Funeral escutcheons, ancestral shields, Finland.

Author information: Carl-Thomas von Christierson, cand. mag. & art., Denmark, ct.von.christierson@webspeed.dk