Natalie de Clare

Arms: Per chevron Sable and in base chevronny of Argent, Gules, Or, Gules, Argent, Gules and Or, in chief two quillpens in saltire Argent, ribbed and nibbed Or, debruised of a lozenge Sable, edged Or, there-upon a bugle horn garnished and stringed Or.

Wreath and Mantling: Sable and Argent.

Crest: Issuant from a crest coronet consisting of a headring Or, edged Argent, embellished of precious stones proper, heightened of four roses Argent, barbed and seeded Or, and two trefoils Or, each charged with a pearl proper, all alternated with six fleurs-de-lis Or, a mound Sable, there-upon a salamander in flames of fire proper.


Granted: The South African Bureau of Heraldry (H4/3/4/1018)